Welcome to Rammstein Concerts.


This page is dedicated to my Rammstein collection of live audio recordings.  I've built this collection during the past two decades, and I still try to keep things up to date with newly received recordings and with information I've recently come across.

I'd be happy to hear about recordings I'm missing.  I'm also interested in upgrading media-based (analog, DAT or minidisc) recordings with copies that have lower lineage (less duplications than what is specified on my list).  Especially, if you have taped a show, I'm interested in getting a copy from you, even though I already have one.  I have excellent audio equipment for making professional-quality digital transfers of your minidisc or DAT masters, for that matter.  I can also do post-processing jobs to essentially remove disturbing noise from recordings.

If you want something listed here, email me and we’ll try to set up a trade.  Keep in mind that I don’t necessarily trade everything listed here (I added a note where a recording is not available for trades).  Pay attention to the rules I’ve written below to avoid unpleasant situations, as I strictly go by them.  Furthermore, because I'm not as interested in this hobby as I've been in the past, I might not respond quickly and to every request.

Talking about trades, and also as a general note, please be aware that I collect recordings only in their original condition - not compressed or otherwise incomplete in terms of sound quality.  Correspondingly, every recording shown here has been checked and is verified to be in its original condition, based on my knowledge and as far as I can tell (unless noted otherwise in some special cases).  Click here to read more about why compressed audio isn't acceptable among collectors.

Lastly, and obviously needless to say:  These recordings are used for collective use only (as clearly figured from above), not for any kind of business, like bootleg releases.  Furthermore, personally I don’t know anyone who does this kind of use with them, either.  I certainly suggest everyone to not support such people, as they blatantly disregard the will of those who initially created the recordings.  Moreover, these recordings aren't to serve as musical content by any means, and have not been created for this kind of use, but rather as concert souvenirs intended only for historical and passional purposes for fans of the band.  Therefore, there isn't any commercial aspects involved here at all, but only fan enthusiasm, which is definitely welcome by any band.

Here are my trading rules:
1.  If you contact me first, you have to send first, and vice-versa, as usual.
2.  I won’t accept any recording that is sourced from compressed audio (like MP3), and will accordingly not send you anything in return for it.   If you’re not completely sure, send me samples.
3.  I'll ask for every info you've got about the recording (equipment used for recording and lineage mainly), and will supply you with what I have as well.
4.  I trade online, or via post – sending the original files on a disk-on-key device (which is sent back with the stuff in return).  I don’t use discs anymore, to avoid problems like burn errors.
5.  Some of these recordings are rarities that can’t be found elsewhere; I’ll naturally not trade them unless it’s for comparable items.
6.  ‘No trade’ really means I don’t trade this recording, and I keep my word forever.
7.  I'm not interested in recordings newer than 2002.


My email:  rammsteinconcerts@gmail.com


Other bands
My recordings from shows in Israel (most are not circulated).

SCORPIONS - 04.10.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Nokia Hall) - Flash

NEVERMORE - 28.07.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Theater Club) - DAT *

PETER MURPHY - 26.07.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Opera House) - Flash

KATATONIA - 13.04.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Barby Club) - Flash

OPETH - 10.11.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv Port, Hangar 11) - DAT *

OPETH - 10.03.2012 - Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv Port, Hangar 11) - Flash

DREAM THEATER - 16.06.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Exhibition Grounds, Open Air) - Minidisc * - no trade

DREAM THEATER - 19.07.2011 - Tel-Aviv (Exhibition Grounds, Bitan 1) - Flash *

KORN - 28.09.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Ozzfest festival - HaYarkon Park) - Flash

DIE TOTEN HOSEN - 03.10.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Barby Club) - Flash

LINKIN PARK - 15.11.2010 - Tel-Aviv (HaYarkon Park) - Flash

DOWN - 14.07.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Theater Club) - DAT *

DOWN - 14.07.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Theater Club) - Minidisc*

MEGADETH - 16.04.2011 - Tel-Aviv (Exhibition Grounds, Bitan 1) - Flash

PET SHOP BOYS - 23.06.2013 - Tel-Aviv (Nokia Hall) - Flash

OZZY OSBOURNE - 28.09.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Ozzfest festival - HaYarkon Park) - Flash

METALLICA - 22.05.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Ramat-Gan Stadium) - Flash

PARADISE LOST - 23.05.2009 - Tel-Aviv (HaOman 17 Club) - Minidisc  *

DEPECHE MODE- 07.05.2013 - Tel-Aviv (HaYarkon Park) - Flash * - no trade

SOULFLY - 28.09.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Ozzfest festival - HaYarkon Park) - Flash

CANNIBAL CORPSE - 08.07.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Barby Club) - Flash

PORCUPINE TREE - 07.07.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Exhibition Grounds, Bitan 1) - Flash

SKUNK ANANSIE - 20.08.2013 - Binyamina (Zappa Amphi Shouni) - Flash *

ROTTING CHRIST - 14.01.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Barby Club) - Flash

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - 04.05.2009 - Tel-Aviv (Theater Club) - Minidisc *

SWALLOW THE SUN - 03.06.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Barby Club) - Flash

LAMB OF GOD - 30.05.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv Port, Hangar 11) - Flash

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - 27.04.2010 - Tel-Aviv (Hangar 11, Bitan 1) - Flash

SUEDE - 01.07.2011 - Tel-Aviv (Hangar 11, Bitan 1) - Flash (soundboard)


*  Due to a hard disc failure, these are the only available recordings right now (all my Rammstein masters are available).  Click here to know how to avoid such cases from happening.



Notes about the list


Different versions are different recordings of the same show, and are written in separate lines under the concert info, marked '(a)' and '(b)', by the order of me knowing about them.


Below each date, there's the lineage of the recording.  Click here to read about the importance of this information.  Here is the way I write lineages:

The first term is the type of recorder.  Click here to read about the common recorder types mentioned on the list.

Inside the brackets, I write the generation of the media - where M stands for master, ie the original copy; 1 is the first generation copied from it, and so on (M, 1, 2, ...). 

0 also stands for master (0 generation), for cases of a sub-media the recording has been transferred to, as in:  Minidisc (M) > Analog (0) > CDR (0).  It is incorrect to mark it as CDR (1) because it is not a 1st gen. disc, but a 0-gen. one.

The generation of the media is written in specific only when I really know it - not based on assumptions.  In other cases, by default I write an x in there, as in Minidisc (x) > CDR (x).

1+ means the generation in this case is at least 1st (but it could be higher).

In cases where the recording I have comes from a Silver CD, I write it inside there, instead of generation, because it is still the original copy of what I have.

Based on that, Minidisc (2) > Analog (1) > CDR  explicitly means MD (M) > MD (1) > MD (2) > ANA (0) > ANA (1) > CDR (0).

Even though theoretically, there's almost no significance for CDR generation, I still write it as it increases chances for burn errors like clicks, and more.  It is sometimes hard to determine though, hence it's not always completely accurate.  (I don't specify PC files lineage though, as it is really pointless.)

Old minidisc recordings have sometimes been transferred to audiotape (due to the high costs of MD medias).  Therefore, where the lineage isn't known for sure, I added "???" in it, indicating that this recording might have been transferred to cassette before it has finally been converted to CDR.


From taper  says this is a copy of the original master, received personally from the taper (this reduces the chances for audio problems or misinformation).
From master  says this is a 1st generation copy (be it a CDR or PC files) from the original master, yet not received personally from the taper.
No trade  says this recording is not available for trades, and I won't make copies of it at all.  It is only written here for reference purposes for myself mainly.
Master  says I have the original (master) tape of this recording.  This could either mean that I recorded this show myself, or that I've obtained the taper's master tape.





Updated:  11/2020
Added recordings from:  1997-10-03 (a 2nd source), 1997-10-16, 1997-11-24, 1998-05-29, 1999-06-20 (a 2nd source).
Upgraded 1997-10-03 and 1998-05-20 with new transfers made directly from the master cassettes, which are true upgrades to the circulated versions.
Upgraded 1997-10-12 with a copy from the taper.
Added recordings from:  1997-06-19, 1997-08-30, 1997-11-25, 1997-11-26, 1998-05-19 (received all original DAT tapes as well).
Upgraded 2001-06-05 with an original copy from the taper.
Added a complete recording from 1999-06-05 which is a new transfer from the master, including the previously missing intro.

Date   Location Recording Notes Concert Notes and Marks
1994-12-03   Poessneck (Bergschloesschen Schlettwein)  
    Analog (M) > PC files (from master) incomplete  
1996-01-29   Hamburg (Docks) supporting The Ramones
    Analog (x) > CDR (x) incomplete;  info  
1996-03-02   Cottbus (Gladhouse)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (2) incomplete info  
1996-08-18   Cologne (Bizarre festival - Butzweilerhof)  
    Soundboard (Silver CD) > CDR (1) Silver CD is incomplete  
1996-09-27   Berlin (Arena Berlin) 100th official concert;  'Heirate mich' accident;  used for 'Lichtspielhaus'
    Soundboard (Silver CD) > CDR (2) info  
1997-06-19   Paris (La Locomotive)  
    DAT (1) > PC files have original DAT tape; info  
1997-06-28   Burgum (Waldrock festival - Festivalterrein Zomerweg)  
    Soundboard (Silver CD) > CDR (1) info  
1997-08-17   Cologne (Bizarre festival - Butzweilerhof) Richard 'WIDBIFS'
    Soundboard (Silver CD) > CDR (2) info  
1997-08-30   Konstanz (Rock am See festival - Bodenseestadion) 'Sehnsucht' guitar; 'WIDBIFS' vocal problem
    DAT (M) > PC files (master) have taper's DAT master  
1997-09-27   Hamburg (Sporthalle) "Asche"
    Analog (x) > CDR (1) incomplete  
1997-10-03   Halle (Eissporthalle) 'Spiel mit mir' vocals prob. at beginning, and pause at end; "Asche"
  (a) Analog (M) > PC files (from master) new transfer  
  (b) Minidisc (x) > Analog (x) > CDR (x) > PC files incomplete; info  
1997-10-12   Offenbach (Stadthalle) "Asche"; "was"; 'DRSG' vocal problem; Richard 'WIDBIFS'
    DAT (M) > PC files (from taper) info  
1997-10-16   Lichtenfels (Stadthalle)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (x) > PC files info  
1997-10-23   Duesseldorf (Philipshalle) used for 'Lichtspielhaus';  info
    DAT (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
1997-11-24   Strasbourg (La Laiterie)  
    DAT (M) > CDR (1+) LP  
1997-11-25   Paris (Elysee Montmartre)  
  (a) DAT (M) > PC files (master) have taper's DAT master  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > Analog (0) > CDR  
1997-11-26   London (Powerhouse) vocal problems; 'Engel' English vocals; Richard 'WIDBIFS'
    DAT (M) > PC files (master) have taper's DAT master  
1997-11-29   Amsterdam (Melkweg)  
    Soundboard (Silver CD) > CDR info  
1998-04-26   San Francisco, CA (Maritime Hall)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (2+)  
1998-05-01   Denver, CO (Ogden Theatre)  
    Unknown source info  
1998-05-06   New York City, NY (The Roxy)  
    Analog (2) > CDR (1)  
1998-05-19   Lyon (Transbordeur)  
    DAT (1) > CDR (2) have original DAT tape; info  
1998-05-20   Nantes (Olympic)  
    Analog (M) > PC files info; new transfer  
1998-05-29   Nuremberg (Rock im Park festival - Zeppelinfeld)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (x) > PC files info  
1998-08-08   Dresden (Eisschnelllaufbahn)  
    VHS (x) > CDR (1) info  
1998-09-12   Chicago, IL (Rockstock festival - World Music Theater)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1)  
1998-09-22   Rochester, NY (Blue Cross Arena) 'Family Values' tour opener
    DAT (1) > CDR (1)  
1998-09-23   Worcester, MA (Worcester Centrum)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) not the common recording incomplete  
1998-09-25   East Rutherford, NJ (Continental Airlines Arena)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (1)  
1998-10-03   Chicago, IL (Rosemont Horizon)  
    Analog (1) > CDR (1) info  
1998-10-09   Inglewood, CA (Forum)  
    DAT (x) > CDR (1+)  
1998-10-22   Kansas City, MO (Kemper Arena)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (2+) info  
1998-10-26   Kalamazoo, MI (Wings Stadium)  
    DAT (2) > CDR (1)  
1998-10-30   Uniondale, NY (Nassau Coliseum)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
1999-04-10   Buenos Aires (River Plate Stadium) supporting KISS
    Soundboard (FM) > ??? > CDR (2) > PC files info  
1999-06-05   Worcester, MA (Palladium)  
    Minidisc (M) > PC files (from taper) complete - new transfer; info  
1999-06-11   Villa Park, IL (Odeum Expo Center) 'Spiel mit mir' vocals;  'Bueck dich' intro
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) incomplete  
  (b) DAT (M) > PC files (from taper) complete  
1999-06-17   Seattle, WA (Paramount Theatre)  
    Analog (1) > PC files incomplete  
1999-06-20   San Francisco, CA (Maritime Hall) Richard "Rammstein"
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) not the common recording  
  (b) DAT (M) > CDR (0) > PC files (from master)    
1999-06-21   Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues, Mandeley Bay) "viva Las Vegas"
    DAT (x) > CDR (3+)  
2001-01-18   Auckland (Powerstation)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (1+)  
2001-01-19   Auckland (Big Day Out festival - Ericsson Stadium)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
2001-01-24   Sydney (Enmore Theatre)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
2001-01-28   Melbourne (Big Day Out festival - Melbourne Showgrounds)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
2001-02-02   Adelaide (Big Day Out festival - RA&HS Showgrounds)  
  (a) Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
  (b) Analog (x) > CDR (1+) info  
2001-02-04   Perth (Bassendean Oval)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (1+)  
2001-05-01   Berlin (Knaack) fanarea concert; Sehnsucht "fleisch"
    Analog (x) > CDR (x) incomplete;  info  
2001-05-13   Nuremberg (Arena) 'Mutter' tour opener;  "wir verstehen euch nicht", Rammstein confusion.
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (from taper)    
2001-05-15   Hamburg (Sporthalle) 1st night of 2
    Unknown source info  
2001-05-24   Zurich (Hallenstadion)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) info  
2001-05-29   Frankfurt (Festhalle)  
    Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR (1) info  
2001-05-31   Dortmund (Westfalenhalle 1)  
    DAT (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) info  
2001-06-05   Lisbon (Coliseum)  
    Minidisc (M) > PC files (from taper) directly from taper's master minidisc  
2001-06-09   Paris (Elysee Montmartre) "f**k you sagt"
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) not from Silver CD  
2001-07-04   Hollywood, CA (The Palace)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (3+) incomplete  
2001-07-05   San Francisco, CA (The Warfield)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2+)  
  (b) Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (2+) info  
2001-07-11   Kansas City, MO (Uptown Theater)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) No trade  
  (b) Unknown source > CDR (3+) info  
2001-07-15   Montreal (Metropolis)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (3) have taper's cassette master;  incomplete  
2001-07-24   Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue)  
    DAT (M) > PC files (from master)  
2001-07-31   Washington, DC (Nation)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (2+) have taper's cassette master; new transfer  
2001-08-04   Mexico City (Palacio de los Deportes) 1st night of 2
    Unknown > CDR (3) info  
2001-09-28   San Jose, CA (Compaq Center)  
    Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (2+)  
2001-09-29   Inglewood, CA (Forum)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (2)  
2001-10-11   St. Paul, MN (Xcel Energy Center)  
    Analog (x) > CDR (2) Not the common source  
2001-10-20   Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (4)  
2001-11-10   Paris (Le Zenith) "hallo Paris"
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
  (b) DAT (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
2001-11-19   St. Petersburg (Ledova Arena)  
  (a) Analog (M) > CDR (2) info  
  (b) Unknown (Silver CD) > CDR (0) Silver CD is incomplete  
2001-11-29   Copenhagen (KB Halle)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1)  
2001-12-03   Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall) 1st night of 3
    Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR Silver CD is lossy-sourced  
2001-12-06   Leuven (Brabanthal)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
  (b) Minidisc (x) > ??? > CDR (2+)  
  (c) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) info  
2002-05-14   Glasgow (S.E.C.C.)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1)  
2002-05-20   Landgraaf (Pinkpop festival - Megaland)  
    Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR (2) info  
2002-05-24   Madrid (Festimad)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (from master) info  
2002-06-13   Hultsfred (Hultsfred festival - Hultsfreds Hembygdspar) first show after Flake's injury;  "Hutsfred wir verstehen euch nicht"
    Minidisc (x) > CDR (2+)  
2002-06-17   St. Petersburg (Petrovsky Stadium)  
    Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR (2) info  
2002-06-19   Moscow, B2  
    Unknown > CDR (5+) info  
2002-06-27   Roskilde (Roskilde festival - Festivalpladsen)  
  (a) DAT (x) > CDR (2+)  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2002-06-30   Arnheim (Gelredome)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2002-07-07   Belfort (Eurokeenes festival - Presqu'ile de Malsaucy)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1)  
2002-07-13   Caminha (Vilar de Mouros festival)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) info  
2004-10-12   Berlin (Knaack Klub) fanarea ('Reise, Reise' promotion);  2nd night of 3
    MP3 player > PC files (from taper) info;  also have pre-concert;  No trade  
2004-11-01   Mannheim (Maimarkthalle) 'Reise, Reise' tour opener
  (a) DAT (M) > CDR (from taper) info  
  (b) DAT (Silver CD) > CDR (1) info  
2004-11-05   Rotterdam (Ahoy)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2004-11-09   Lisbon (Pavilhao Atlantico)  
    Minidisc (x) > CDR (1+) suspicious  
2004-11-10   Madrid (La Cubierta)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
  (b) DAT (M) > CDR (from master)  
2004-11-16   Oslo (Spektrum)  
    Minidisc (M) > PC files (from master)  
2004-11-20   Copenhagen (Forum)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2004-11-24   Helsinki (Hartwall Areena) improvisation
    Minidisc (M) > PC files (from taper) uncut  
2004-11-26   St. Petersburg (SCC) Till & Paul talk to crowd
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
  (b) Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR (1) Silver CD is incomplete  
2004-11-28   Moscow (Olympiyskiy Stadium)
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) infoNo trade  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) No trade  
2004-12-03   Prague (T-Mobile Arena) 'Ich will' vocals
  (a) Hard Disk recorder > PC files (from taper)  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > PC files (from taper)  
2004-12-08   Rostock (HanseMesse)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) No trade  
2004-12-10   Frankfurt (Festhalle)  
  (a) DAT (Silver CD) > CDR (1) Info  
  (b) DAT (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) incomplete  
2004-12-11   Dortmund (Westfalenhalle 1) 1st night of 2
    Unknown source (Silver CD) > CDR (1) info  
2004-12-12   Dortmund (Westfalenhalle 1)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (from taper) info  
2004-12-16   Berlin (Velodrom) 1st night of 3
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2005-02-01   Erfurt (Messehalle)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
  (b) DAT (Silver CD) > CDR (3)  
2005-02-10   Lille (Le Zenith) 2nd night of 2;  first performance of 'Mein Herz brennt' this tour
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (from taper)  
2005-02-11   Paris (P.O.P. Bercy)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
  (b) DAT (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
  (c) Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper) raw file  
  (d) Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper) raw file  
2005-02-12   Amneville (Le Galaxie)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
2005-02-19   Riesa (Erdgas Arena)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper) No trade  
2005-02-22   Ostrava (CEZ Arena)  
    Flash (M) > CDR (0) (from taper)  
2005-02-24   Milan (Datch Forum)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2005-02-27   Budapest (Sports Arena)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) info  
2005-06-10   Scheessel (Hurricane festival - Eichenring)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper) raw file  
2005-06-18   Nijmegen (Fields of Rock festival - Goffertpark)  
  (a) Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
  (b) Minidisc (M) > CDR (from master) incomplete  
2005-06-25   Berlin (Wuhlheide) 3rd night of 4
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper)  
2005-06-26   Berlin (Wuhlheide) 4th night of 4
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) incomplete  
2005-07-02   Werchter (Rock Werchter festival - Werchterpark)
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) not the common source  
2005-07-10   Copenhagen (Giants of Rock festival - Gentofte Stadion)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2)  
2005-07-16   Glasgow (S.E.C.C.)  
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (2) info
2005-07-23   Nimes (Arenes de Nimes) used for 'Voelkerball'
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
2005-07-30   Gothenburg (Metaltown festival - Frihamnen) Till's injury during 'Amerika'
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (1) (from taper)  
2009-11-08   Lisbon (Pavilhao Atlantico) 'LIFAD' tour opener
    Flash (M) > CDR (from master)  
2009-11-29   Cologne (Lanxess Arena) 1st night of 2
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (from taper)  
2009-12-10   Antwerp (Sportpaleis)  
    Flash (M) > CDR (from taper)  
2009-12-12   Stuttgart (Schleyer-Halle)  
    Flash (M) > PC files (from taper) raw file  
2009-12-17   Rostock (HanseMesse)  
    Flash (M) > PC files (from taper) raw file  
2010-02-02   Manchester (M.E.N. Arena)  
    Flash (M) > PC files  
2010-02-06   Dortmund (Westfalenhalle 1) 1st night of 2;  Richard "wir verstehen euch nicht"
    Flash (M) > PC files (master) No trade  
2010-02-07   Dortmund (Westfalenhalle 1)  
    Flash (M) > PC files (master) recorded also on video  
2010-02-10   Chemnitz (Messe Chemnitz) Paul "Rechts"
    Flash (M) > PC files (master)  
2010-02-11   Dresden (Messehalle 1) 1st night of 2
    Flash (M) > PC files (master)  
2010-02-12   Dresden (Messehalle 1)  
    Flash (M) > PC files (master)  
2010-02-16   Malmoe (Malmoe Arena)  
    Flash recorder (M) > PC files (from taper) raw file  
2010-02-28   Moscow (Olympiyskiy Stadium)   1st night of 2
    Minidisc (M) > CDR (0) (from taper)    
2010-03-05   Vilnius (Siemens Arena)   first performance of 'Du riechst so gut' this tour;  'Benzin' intro
    Flash (M) > CDR (1) (from taper) raw file;  No trade  
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Why MP3 is an unacceptable format among collectors

I think the first thing to be mentioned regarding this topic, is that this whole issue of originality of recordings is important obviously to collectors only; people who would just like to listen to the music won't really care if what they have is the original or a compressed version as long as the music still plays - like with YouTube.  But if you collect some kind of stuff seriously, you'd probably not care only about its functionality, but about its quality as well.  Let's go ahead.

Most collectors today, which are also called ‘traders’ (named after the way they use to expand their collections), stay completely away from MP3 sourced recordings.  Though, there still are some people who keep using this format, most probably because they think the reason traders abandon it, is the difference in sound between an MP3 sourced and an original recording - which they can never hear (nor do everyone else for that matter).  Though in fact, the real problem is totally different.

MP3 is a general term, while actually, there are different types of it.  Let me first mention, that a digital audio file has two fundamental properties:  a sampling rate, and a bit rate.  The one that is decreased in compression of audio files (of any kind), is the bit rate.  When it comes to MP3, there a few grades of compression out there, each one with a lower bit rate (which is the range of data that is stored at every recorded sample), allowing for more compression, but at the price of reducing the sound quality of the track.  The important conclusion here, is that the resulting file isn't of the same quality as the original one, and this is where the main problem with MP3 begins:  unless there's a very special reason, in very special circumstances, there's simply no reason why one would accept a recording that is partial in terms of quality, when they know it could be obtained in an original quality, even though they won’t ever notice the difference.  That's common sense - we all want to get the best out of what we pay for, and it's the same here, with collecting recordings.

There are two points I'd like to make clear, just in case readers aren't aware of these facts:

It might not be widely known, but recordings done on minidiscs are compressed as well - sometimes even more compressed than a casual MP3 file.  So, why do we accept minidisc recordings ?  The answer is simple:  We would like to have the most we could get, not having to get a "better quality" or "ultra quality", but simply the original.  But if the original is compressed, then we can't get more and don't lose anything with a compressed minidisc recording, in contrast to MP3 which is a compressed version of the (uncompressed) original.

Another thing I'd like to point out to those of you who aren't familiar enough with this area of digital sound:  The compression of a file (or in other words, whether or not it's what we usually call "MP3 sourced") does not depend on the format the file is in at present; it depends on what it has been through in the past.  In other words, if you don't know the file that you have has never been converted to a lossy format, then you actually can't really tell it's original relying on its current format.  Instead, you have to analyze it properly to get the correct conclusion.  I've got a fair number of requests from people wondering why I was claiming that their FLAC files were lossy.  Hopefully, what I just explained would clarify this.

Last but not the least, I'd like to say just a few words about recognizing MP3 sourced recordings.  Generally speaking, checking an audio file for its originality could sometimes be confusing, as the answer isn't always as straightforward as you'd think it is (it might sometimes be very surprising, too).  That's because sometimes it's necessary to take a few factors into account, and to also have experience in interpretting what you see.  You can't just put a file into some program and get a reliable conclusion - everything out there that is cited as an instant solution for it (like TLH for example) don't really do the job, to say the least.  Therefore, those of you who have questions or are unsure about what they have and would like to determine whether it's original or not, are always welcome to email me for advice, regardless of trading.  I'll be happy to try my best to help you, with the aim of decreasing the circulation of what I call partial-quality stuff - for the good of everyone.  (back)


The Importance of Lineages

Lineage information is referred to as a chronological description of all formats the recording has been transferred to.  This information lets collectors compare what they have, against each other.

Apart from willing to have a recording as original as possible, this information is truly significant, becase as the lineage becomes longer (that is, more transfers and even more burns of CDRs), the sound quality of the recording decreases.  This could mean burn errors like pops or clicks, or even an overall degraded sound.  So, if my partner has a recording with significantly lower lineage, it would most likely sound noticably better than mine.

Obviously, the best option would be to get a copy straight from the taper's master.

The real significant information to specify for lineage is media formats and the generation of each, while information like lossless file formats or software used for mastering, doesn't make any difference in terms of sound quality, and therefore isn't as crucial to specify in the lineage.  (back)


Recorder Types

Recording a concert requires a recorder and a microphone.  What influences the quality of the resulting recording is mainly the microphone, while the different recorders mainly define what media the recording will be stored on.

Recorders that have been used to tape shows are portable versions of the audio medias that have been in use on that time.  This includes analog cassettes, minidiscs, DAT (digital audio tape), and the newest flash memory devices.

Audio cassettes are known to fade out over time, losing the quality of data recorded on them.  Moreover, duplicating an audio cassette siginifcantly reduces the sound quality.

DAT technology has offered the best sound quality at its time (early 90's), and were used as studio standard for a few years, yet both the recorders and the medias have been very expensive, with DAT decks range at thousands of dollars.  Also, after years of use, people have also found out that playing the tapes might also be a problem, with the heads getting lose at the recorder, causing the recorded tapes to be not properly readable on other devices.  DAT devices offered very preofesional set of features, which also allowed for digital duplication of cassettes, without any lose of data.  Although being expensive and sometimes frustrating as far as transfers are converned, this format has been used until around 2005, when people started using flash recorders.

The minidisc, in contrast, was developed for the private section, with the aim of making listening to music on the way, easier.  The data recorded on a minidisc wasn't completely true to the source, being moderately compressed using a format called ATRAC, along with two long-play modes (LP2 and LP4) which are more compressed, providing more recording time.  Therefore, minidisc sourced recordings are known to look compressed, and when checking a recording's frequency graph, it is important to take this into calculation, as it may look like an MP3 sourced recording.  An experienced eye would notice the difference though.

Archival purposes have always been a challenge for the various media types - temperature, humidity, and random moving around could possibly damage the recorded data.  With the development of computerized storage solutions, offering ease of access and control, and simple backup procedures of a plain copy and paste, everybody turned to transfer everything they've had into PC files.

Nowadays, with the electrical storage technology being introduced to the private section at affordable prices, people stopped using all the above formats, and upgraded their recording setup to the flash technology media, also called solid state which is actually a more general term:  Solid state is the type of devices with no moving parts in them (hence its name), while flash is the technology used by them.  (back)


Maintaining Devices with Mechanism Systems

Devices that contain moving parts, like spinning hard disks, or even professional recording equipment like DAT or minidisc decks, must be used ocasionally in order to maintain their working order.  Otherwise, the components inside lose their normal working condition and start to wear out - lose their flexibility and smooth motion ability, solely because of not being used for a long while - somewhat unexpectedly.

This is often the case with hard drives, that many people use as backup units, which means they could stay unused for long periods sometimes.  Given the device itself is well maintained and is kept under fine conditions of heat and humidity, this could definitely be the reason for its failure one day.  This is also the case with old decks, even expensive ones.  Therefore, if you use this kind of devices, make sure to have them run at least once a week.

I've heard a claim that this shouldn't happen in hard drives, because the actual device that is inside it, is totally sealed, decreasing the chances for oxidation etc, and even though this should be true theoretically, it's not what actually happens in reality.

As far as storage devices are concerned, solid state devices are a much better solution in that regard.  Considering they don't break when getting random bumps, and don't contain moving parts that wear out over time, in my humble opinion they are certainly a much better solution for storing files for a long time.  That said, experts say the stored data shouldn't stay there forever; however they are still much better, both in the long and the short runs, as clearly indicated from above.  (back)